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Binaural audio has been around for centuries, but the rise of headphones and handheld audio devices has brought it back to the fore. Whereas earlier eras of audio were about filling up big spaces with sound, headphone-delivered audio including in VR can benefit from the sense of 3D immersion that binaural audio provides. We consider audio to be 50 percent of the immersive experience.

Wear headphones to hear it properly. Consider a simulation environment, in which you might need to hear or sense a gunman behind you through headphones.

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But as the gunman example suggests, headphones still have innate drawbacks that must be addressed for effective recognition of sound location in VR. A number of startups, including 3D Sound Labs , sell headphones with motion sensing technology. Dysonics also sells a motion sensor that can be attached to existing headphones to make audio more location-smart.

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For highly immersive spatial audio, these spectral cues can be mimicked by calibrating headphones to what are known as HRTFs, or head-related transfer functions. We review recent evidence concerning the nature of the neural representation of auditory space in the mammalian brain and elaborate on recent advances in the understanding of mammalian subcortical processing of auditory spatial cues that challenge the "textbook" version of sound localization, in particular brain mechanisms contributing to binaural hearing.

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Mechanisms of sound localization in mammals. N2 - The ability to determine the location of a sound source is fundamental to hearing. AB - The ability to determine the location of a sound source is fundamental to hearing.

Study on Mechanisms of a Mini-Instrument for Sound Source Localization

Abstract The ability to determine the location of a sound source is fundamental to hearing. Fingerprint Sound Localization. Basilar Membrane. Sensory Receptor Cells.

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