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Yes, we know animals grapple. They just don't do it here. Fight videos must show competent grappling. Videos must contain at least one person who obviously trains BJJ and is applying that training.

Would you train with a competent instructor who was trashed and raped a girl? Would you train with someone who is a known axe murderer not Wanderlei, I mean a real one?

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She's just putting facts out there and giving her opinion on it. How you act is up to you. Its basically splitting the whole of Gracie Barra in Canada. Its gone right to the top carlos gracie jr and guess who also conducted seminars at the instructors school last year, your old friend Luca Atalla.

Georgette's Jiu Jitsu World: When an instructor in your own backyard is a criminal

The case in Vancouver is really shocking as its known about all the way through Gracie Barra right to the very top. This guy stills runs there biggest school in Canada and is a monster. All other GB brown and black belts in British Columbia are closing down there schools and pulling out of GB in protest. I got this all from a solid brown belt close to the club's involved.

Its disgusting that he is still teaching everyday and i even heard at the weekend he had a roid rage attack on an old student female who left the club. It was all over facebook. Yet still Gracie Barra let him continue to run one of there biggest schools in the world.

Gracie Barra only cares about money- so sad. Since when has a crime, a violent crime, a violent sexual crime, become a "mistake? A typo is a mistake. Putting your hand on the mat while in the guard is a mistake. Misjudging a stoplight is a mistake. Let's just use the word accident in place of crime while we're at it. And for the person who was charged and convicted as an adult at 16 for car theft: it sounds like there is more to that story than a car theft. As for this having been an isolated incident if that even matters : how does anyone know that? Was this an "accident" a "mistake" or a sign of a character flaw?

People talk about moving on but that doesn't mean you abandon your baggage along the way. Moving on doesn't mean leaving behind. Ask a survivor and she'll tell you that you take "it" with you everywhere you go. Back in the day a person with a Black Belt, which Paul Saucido has, would be considered by police to be just as dangerous to the public as a person with a firearm. And they had to register themselves with local police as well.

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If a person commits a sexual related crime they can no longer own a firearm or be anywhere near them. So why has this rapist been allowed to not only continue to study martial arts, BJJ, but open a school as well. I spoke to him once with a humanitarian request only to get the brush off. He's really into money, movie fame and women as part of the macho personna.


Where is the justice? Post a Comment. Contact Me. Thursday, June 27, When an instructor in your own backyard is a criminal I have lots of BJJ friends. I still call them friends because I'll be anyone's friend until proven otherwise or given reason not to. I had a friend in town a few years ago who was a BJJ guy with a purple belt. His name is Paul Saucido. He moved to California to work for Rigan Machado and help with administrative duties at Rigan's academy. Last year he moved back to Austin as a brown belt and started his own academy, Zen Jiu Jitsu, as a Rigan affiliate.

Haven't seen him since he got back into town, but I considered him a friend.

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When he started planning a Rigan Machado seminar in Austin, I promoted it here on the blog and with my academy. All well and good. But then several people independently brought to my attention that in fact, this friend was accused of rape a few years ago, and had been convicted on a plea bargain of a few lesser charges. This made me really upset and unhappy. Aside from the obvious sympathy for the survivor who was passed out drunk at the time and distress that I could have been friends with someone who could do that It's not the same as Lloyd's deal, to me.

For one, Paul's done his time, he's on probation now, and will be a registered sex offender for another twelve years. He's not lying about it, nor is he buying www. For a few days I kind of sat on it, pondering. I emailed with him a bit to verify the essentials yes, it was him, and yes, he was convicted, and yes, Rigan knows about it. Pondered some more.

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Was on the brink of just letting it go-- not promoting his seminars and not recommending his academy, but kind of shrugging my shoulders because he's trying for a second chance and everyone deserves to be able to make a living. How lame would it be as a rape survivor to be taking self defense from a rapist without even realizing it? So don't blabber at me about "but he wasn't convicted of RAPE, he pled to indecent exposure and unlawful restraint! You often plead down cases that are strong enough, on the evidence, to win the higher charge if it goes to trial. To spare the survivor, especially in cases like this.

Just because he ended up being nailed for waving his willie and holding her down doesn't mean he didn't stick it in her while she was passed out drunk. My erstwhile friend, who lives in my town and teaches jiu jitsu in my town, is a rapist, in my eyes. And I can't get behind that.

I can't support his academy, his seminars, etc. Sure he deserves a second chance but I don't think he should be teaching jiu jitsu to women who don't know his background.