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These tutorials were designed to help beginners in mapping from the time you will learn how to create a simple room with npc's, guns, doors and more These tutorials were designed to help beginners in mapping from the time you will learn how to create a simple room with npc's, guns, doors and more. Please watch the rest of the tutorials and read the FAQ before asking questions. A simple tutorial on how to create your very first map for half-life 2 using the Hammer Editor supplied by Source SDK.

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FAQ wrote: 1. Q: When I try to run the map it comes up with this error: The command failed. Windows reported the error: 2.

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Q: When I create a shape using the block tool, it doesn't have a texture like on the video does, what did I do wrong? Q: Am I able to make a map for other mods by Half-life 2 such as Garry's mod 9 or 10?

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Q: How do I add sound into my map? Q: What do you use to make maps with? Q: When I try to run the map it says The command failed. Windows reported the error: "The system cannot fine the file specified" 1. A: I explained in the tutorial that if the box has not got a texture, go into camera which is at the top left of the 3d view, and go 3d textured. A: Yes, when you create your map and save it. After compiling the. A: I use Valve hammer editor which comes with Source SDK which is in the tools menu, this can be downloaded for free off steam.

These tutorials were designed to help beginners in mapping from the time you will learn how to implement buttons into your map.

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These tutorials were designed to help beginners in mapping. Here you will learn how to create ladders and a 3d sky. Hl2 Mapping Tutorial, Vid 6: Water. Great tutorial! I've been wanting to make a map of my own now for a while, but I couldn't find a decent tutorial Huge variety of gameplay, with 12 unique vehicles, 4 classes of infantry, and many researchable weapons available.

Empires, the free, award-winning Half-Life 2 mod, combines the best of the first person shooter and real-time strategy genres. Fight as either the Northern Faction, remnants of the fallen nation of Jekotia, or as the imperial Brenodi Empire.

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Choose your commander wisely and fight with up to 64 players for resources to power your army and fund your research into ever more deadly weapons, abilities and vehicles. Find out more and see what you've been missing! Toggle navigation Empires. Get community support Report a bug Report a website issue Contact us Support us.

The Beta contains multiplayer: unlike Half-Life 2, which shipped without a multiplayer component, the Leak contains a rudimentary multiplayer feature that retains many of the same features as the first Half-Life game. It's buggy, but it works - sort of. The storyline of the Beta is much different: the Beta does not have a firmly established storyline. Instead, the Beta is split into two development cycles: the first cycle, which ended in , and the second style, which was still being worked on in when the Leak occured. The storyline has a very dark atmosphere - early iterations consisted of the earth's atmosphere being replaced with toxic gases in a facility called the Air Exchange, requiring all humans to wear special chemical suits.

Later iterations from also included these dark tones but removed the gas elements. The storyline is most often considered as the true beta storyline, though it is very important to note that the Leak had no proper storyline: plot aspects would change daily in Valve's offices. The storyline is virtually the same as the one that we have in the retail version of Half-Life 2.

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It is quite unfinished but the barebones is there. The Leak also contains many features, gameplay and storyline scraps, and removed components that are too numerous to mention here. Several models, such as the aforementioned gasmask citizen, are lost to time. These are not all of the differences in the Leak, but this post would be incredibly long if it did include every change.

What myths surround the Beta? Because the Beta is so popular and yet so unknown due to Valve's refusal to speak on it's features coupled with the volatile state of development, early misconceptions and myths thought up about the Leak in the early days of the community have lead to a number of myths and outright lies existing. The first myth is one that is still very widely circulated: the "Leak Soundtrack".

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This misconception was brought about by a community member who will remain unnamed to protect his or her privacy. It was widely spread in the early Beta community sites, and was a bizarre soup of tracks from other games entirely, mashed together into one supposed soundtrack. It is totally fake, and my video on the Lambda Videos channel should prove this.

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Some songs did exist within the original leaked beta files, but these are few and far between. The second myth is also very common. This is the "German Hacker Curse", as I have dubbed it. This myth states that Half-Life 2 would resemble it's gritty state at retail if Axel Gembe didn't hack Valve. This is simply false. Valve had already moved away from the early storyline elements that included the darkness of the Air Exchange and the other related esque elements long before the Leak occurred.

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The next myth isn't so much a myth as it is a misconception. When Half-Life 2 leaked, two versions were spread. The first is called the Anon leak, and the second is called the Russian leak. Many speculate that the Russian leak is better. It isn't. The launcher has been superseded by modern fixes.