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And is the contrast compromised while using low lag mode? What features are disabled in gaming mode?

Mali (GPU) - Wikipedia

Nothing major other than keystone. What improvements were made for HDR. Auto HDR pre set. When HDR is detected, it will go to this pre set user mode. A small improvement — maybe 2 seconds. Confirm that auto iris is not active in HDR mode? Not active with HDR — no change. It would be great to find out which meters are supported by the new autocal software.

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More to follow on this. Shipping at the end of Jan. And while the contrast and brightness spec's appear to have been improved, they are no different than the current models.

Samsung Exynos 7885 vs HiSilicon Kirin 970

The current models have been exceeding the published specifications for quite a while. You could easily get an RS that puts out lumens.

Well, if the trend with TV's is any indication, I'd hope it might be a year or two sooner. Feels like yesterday people were saying 4K TV's were too expensive and not worth the upgrade. Good luck even finding a p set worth buying in the mainstream size of ".

60 Nvidia and AMD GPUs Tested with Optimized Drivers

The current JVC's were a pretty big step up from the previous models though, in my opinion. But I've talked to several people in the last few weeks that are just getting around to upgrading from RS1's, so waiting awhile will certainly get you a more significant upgrade. I still am guessing that true 4K at current prices won't happen before It's almost comical at the other site at how confident a couple of people are that JVC is releasing native 4k and laser at current RS prices for next year. Joined May 22, Messages 6, 4. Number don't mean much. Whoever believes drivers gimp performance will still be able to pick on some fixes that indeed lower performance to make their case.

FreedomEclipse said:. I didn't know s came in different memory varients. Joined Aug 6, Messages 4, 5. Good job, I like your tests,keep it up.


I am actually surprised how well can do against Maxwell in some cases like Hellblade , though in some it falls behind as expected. I swear there was 2gb variant. Maybe I am wrong. That Bearenstein bears syndrom. Joined Jun 2, Messages 92 0. I was curious because I sold a Classified to a friend a couple years ago and he's been looking to upgrade to a , but I don't know if it's a cost effective choice for him. Good writeup.

Vulcansheart said:. Otherwise get a or Ti. It's been a lot of benchmarks from me this year, more important ones than in any year done before; i've managed to correct a lot of technical and logical mistakes and will make improvements even further. Thank's for not bashing me that all this time i was on Windows 7,. This ended this month, however, as i finally went to Windows I will be also adding frame times too next year. I also really want to do some kind of funny retro benchmark comparing first generation DX10 cards some time in the future, the kind of thing i started my GPU benchmarks in the first place, in oc.

Plenty of time to start ''collecting'' old video cards, he he. Joined Sep 17, Messages 9, 5. System Specs. Thanks a lot for your data and results, I really like how you put a wide variety of games through an always interesting matchup of cards! Keep it up Maybe you can ask for a sticky thread where you gather all your tests with TPU links? I'd welcome it! I just noticed one thing though: Frostpunk hasn't got a 60 fps limit. At least not anymore. Artas said:. Joined Dec 27, Messages 0.

Geforce 970 Screen Brightness Issue

I always maintained it wasn't driver-gimping that was doing it. But newer, compute-oriented shaders being better performing on the newer Architectures and GCN for that matter. Kepler really tanks in some games and I just assume it is architectural. ArbitraryAffection said:. Joined Oct 21, Messages 5, 1.

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  6. It's optimizations at work or not. Initially you optimize this and that, test in your lab and get the same output as the unoptimized path and better performance. Then you release and someone, somewhere sees some of the optimizations you did don't work as well in their setup.