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Indeed, a face-to-face clinical evaluation of every patient should be mandatory before any laboratory work, imaging studies or pharmaceuticals can be ordered by a physician. The potential to harm patients by treating them based on a telephone conversation is significant. Telemedicine has, in fact, fallen short on many occasions. On the contrary, Hippocrates himself felt strongly that an accurate physical examination of a patient was crucial to making a diagnosis.

In other words, a quick phone call does not qualify as a true patient evaluation. Patient history and physical exams are the most important portions of a clinical assessment. Without this information, the wrong radiology examinations, laboratory tests, and pharmaceutical drugs are often ordered, driving up healthcare costs. A push for continued chaos, confusion, and ambiguity in medicine will ultimately drive up healthcare costs for everyone—in more ways than one.

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With insurance premiums skyrocketing, patients deserve to be assessed in person and correctly—the first time. Telemedicine should be used only in very limited situations, such as when access to physician care and treatment is impossible. Conway S. Teleradiology and telemedicine: They are not equal. Appl Radiol. Errors abound in telemedicine Telemedicine has, in fact, fallen short on many occasions. What would Hippocrates think? Accessed May 9, American Telemedicine Association. Nilesh Suryakant Ingale Dr. Nitin Bhutada Dr. Pankaj Agarwal Dr. Pannag Desai K N Dr.

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Pradeep Maheshwari Dr. Pradeep Verma Dr.

Prashant Khade Dr. Praveen Wali Dr.


Priyanka Rana Dr. Punnya Rajkumar Dr. Rajani Gada Dr. Rajesh Sharma Dr. Ranoji Mane Dr. Rashmi Kandukuri Dr. Rohit Khisti Dr. Sachin Dattatraya Balutkar Dr. Sanghasheel Jumle Dr. Saraswati Donapati Dr. Saurabh Choudhari Dr. Sharad Kumar Gangrade Dr. Sharmila Desai Dr. Shubra Pagariya Dr.


Soumil Singhal Dr. Sowmya Chowdary. Sunil Avagadda Dr. Sunil Kumar K Dr. Sunilkumar Bhutka Dr. Surendra Gopi Dr. Utkarsh Kabra Dr. Uttareshvar Dhumal Dr. Varun Gupta Dr. Venkatesh Prasad Dr. Vidhyulatha Sanata Dr.

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Vijaya Raghavendra H L Dr. Vikram Kyatham Dr. Browse Radiologist Browse Radiologist.

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Radiologist Fee 0. Mobile No. User Group. User ID. You Save Rs 0. Referred by Dr Name. Referral Letter. Time Slot am am am am am am am am am am pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm pm. Schedule Appointment.

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Prev Next. Our Core services. What we do We partner with diagnostic centers, individual radiologists, hospitals and other medical groups requiring the remote reading of diagnostic imaging studies like CT Scan, MRI, Mammography and Xrays by using our online Teleradiology Services. Patients The disease outcome depends on the correct diagnosis. Hospitals Easily compensate Sick or vacation leave of radiologists OR peaks in case volumes through our network. Radiologist Join us as TeleRadiologist.

Who can join as Teleradiologist. How to Join. Click on the URL link to confirm your Email address. Email us your recent Photograph and Documents. After verification of your Documents, your account will be created on our website. Wait for Approval. Do you have fixed timing or remuneration. There is no fixed time or remuneration of Reporting of cases.

The payment is done case by case basis. The timing is decided by you according to your availability and convenience. It depends on the quality of the Reporting. Most of the quality oriented Clients pays on the basis of detailed and descriptive reports.

What documents are required. State Medical Registration Certificate. How do I proceed. How much do you charge for a Diagnostic center. We charge Diagnostic center a one time nominal fee of Rs. Please note this amount may or may not change in the future. How to submit cases. We have an extremely user friendly system to upload cases. Our Technical team will train your staff on how to use our platform. Do we need to install any software or application.

You just need a high-speed broadband connection to upload images onto our Server.