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In this crackling-good thriller from bestseller Eisler The Night Trade , Seattle PD sex crimes detective Livia Lone, assassin John Rain, and former Marine sniper Dox form a testy alliance to combat a vile conspiracy involving corrupt and toxic More from pw. The Most Anticipated Books of Fall PW Picks: Books of the Week.

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Eisler has produced. The character of John Rain is a fascinating one.

ISBN 13: 9780399153594

He loves single-malt scotches and knows which bars have the best selection. He is a huge jazz fan who is at home in both large and small venues. He makes a considerable living killing. He is so obsessed with anonymity that he has foregone any serious friendships so he is a lonely man despite his successes. Beyond the man himself, however, is some fantastic writing with incredibly tight, cohesive plots, more than you could hope for descriptions of locales, and dialogue that is completely believable. Whether Rain is in Japan, Brazil, or Macao, you are too and the places are brought to life so much that you feel you are walking down the street with Rain.

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I had truly come to believe that the upper echelon of spy-related characters had been filled long ago. They have a new member of their elite club. John Rain belongs there as well.

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Summation as above - I wrote it before I registered. So i just finished this series after having a "summer of Reacher". I really enjoyed this heavily conflicted character. As I spent a year in Japan, I was thrilled with knowing the locations!

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Rain now lives in the stratosphere closely behind Allon. This more than deserves gushing. This series and Eisler simply blew me away. Not just one of the best current series, but one of the all time greats. I am at nr 5 and he is great Tell us what you think of the series.

Give your grade and comments. Hello, Guest Sign In Register. Someone else wants him alive and working for the agency. Rain wants to be left alone but an old friend in the Japanese FBI has a need for his services, too, and considerable power to see he gets it. Between the actions of a rival assassin and a beautiful woman who is far more than she seems, Rain finds himself caught in one heckuva storm sorry. Until, that is, he is approached by the Mossad to do one simple job for them in Manila. Nothing is ever simple, however. But they are being watched in the hopes that Rain will do just that.

To pull it off, Rain must call upon old friends to help.

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  6. Then Rain runs afoul of a Yakuza gang and things change quickly. It does not go well for the assailants but dinner is ruined.